Pesto Recipe

How to take advantage of the abundance of basil growing in your box or garden plot? Make pesto, the delicious sauce that goes well with bread, noodles, or even other vegetables. For a different twist, experiment with holy basil, or rocket leaves. You can also use walnuts or sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts.

What is growing in the SMU garden?

Want to know what is growing in the gardens at SMU? Here, we feature some of the lesser-known plants as well as the familiar ones. Keep your eyes on this post: we will keep adding descriptions.


Oyster Plant
The spiky purple and green leaves are used to make a tonic drink. When the leaves are boiled with water and sugar (optional), the resulting liquid is a vibrant purple color.
For Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, this drink can help with a cough or a cold. It is also good for detoxifying the body. Serve the drink at room temperature.

Recipe for Natural Pesticide and Fertilizer from the workshop on 12 May 2015


Natural Solutions to help you have a healthy garden!

Recipe: Enzyme Juice and Organic Fertilizer

1. Air-tight glass jar

2. Water

3. Refined white sugar

4. Fruit peels (clean, freshly peeled – not decomposing)

5. Chopping board

6. Knife


Chop the fruit peels. Use a ratio of one-third peels to two-thirds water. Put the peels into the jar. Add sugar to cover the peels. Add water. Wait at least two weeks (preferably six months) before using the enzyme juice, shaking the jar every now and then.

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